The Definition of T.B.R.

The Definition of T.B.R.


The Definition of T.B.R

We all know what it means- and have come to love the term. For those of you who are newbie book nerds, TBR= To Be Read & if you have ever met a book nerd without one, than you must question their reading loyalties!! Hahaha. I am totally kidding. TBR’s are what keeps us readers focused on our task at hand, which is to read as many books as feasibly possible, while still keeping up with our daily lives- which we wish COULD be dedicated to our love for reading.

Even though we end up having many books on our official TBR Lists, we create sub-lists within this larger list, which consists of books that MUST be read before we can get our hands on any of the others. The above picture consists of my first TBR pile introduced on my blog & consists of the most important books to me right now to accomplish. Some of these books are based on movies that I have either seen or have not seen & have been so visually entertaining that learning more about these worlds within these books has become very imporant to me. 

The Duff has become one of my all- time favorite movies, whereas Crazy Rich Asians & Ready Player One are based on movies that I have not seen yet, but will soon journey through after I have accomplished its story through text. 

As I finish these books, I will write a review on them to tell you what I have found entertaining & may even do some compare & contrast posts that compare the movie versus the book. 

I am so excited for you all to follow me on this journey of travel, where I will live a dozen  different lives through the books pictured above.


Go out and develop your next TBR list & reply below with what you will be reading! 

With Love,


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