Verity by Colleen Hoover Review

Verity by Colleen Hoover Review

I am back from a long hiatus and have found a book that I MUST do a review on!!

I just recently finished this book and could not rate it immediately after completing it because I had to sleep on it and reflect on what I had just read. Hoover’s way of writing is one of the best forms of writing I have ever read. CoHo’s writing is witty, real, sarcastic, charming, and naturalistic real-to-life dialogue! Her writing style, format, and technique for this book was just simply amazing and utterly breathtaking.

The storyline kept me hooked. I literally could not put this book down for 2 days straight and took minimal breaks while reading it. I became completely anti-social while reading this book!! Every time I would put this book down, I would have to pick it back up right away because the story enveloped me and would not let me go until its final words. The storyline “got” me in a few places, and I remembered thinking to myself while reading it, “Wow, that was really good, unique, & creative!”

I left the book with a lot of questions!!!!!! I did find the ending as a huge twister and was completely shocked by it. I also liked the open-ended feel that it brought, which could anticipate future and ongoing conversations. Also, I feel as though I would have to re-read this story to truly understand how the twist would & could have taken place.

Nonetheless, this novel was hands down written in the unique and original CoHo fashion that makes her one of the hottest writers in the game today!

Rating: 4.5 High Starsreview

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