Birthright: 5 Secrets to Reclaim the Power of You by Marga Macias Review

Birthright: 5 Secrets to Reclaim the Power of You by Marga Macias Review

a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

#1 Bestselling Author Dr. Marga Macias, MD brings you a powerful novel centered around her past trials and tribulations that propelled her into resiliency, and empowered her to fight through some of the world’s harshest conditions. Dr. Macias explains within this powerful novel “5 steps” to reclaiming BACK your power from instances that have attempted to steal your joy and peace, making you into someone who feels “unworthy” of Greatness. She applies each one of these principles to her own life, portraying the picture of what these steps look like realistically and visually in one’s life.

Thank you Dr. Macias for the opportunity to review this wonderful book!

This book allowed me to dive into her life experiences to help better reflect upon my own.  In this lifetime, we will all go through “trying” circumstances that test our endurance and strength. Sometimes these instances can be painful to face and can cause us great fear and resentment. One of the biggest conclusions that I got from this book was that we are not alone in the numerous issues that we are forced to encounter.

Through this novel, we are introduced to “5 Secrets” that help to encourage and nurture positive transformation. These factors help us to realize that there is no real way to eliminate fear but to use it as fuel to improve how we deal with forthcoming “anxiety-provoking” challenges. Dr. Macias provides a spin on fear that shows us that life is how we look at it, and with proper adjustments, we can be unstoppable!

Overall, I absolutely LOVED and marked this book up quite a bit because her discussions were so realistic, vivid, and true to life. I can absolutely say that she has changed the way that I view fear and the hold that it usually has over me. It is amazing to realize just what the “right” words can do to your soul, that makes you push past barriers that you never even realized were there. One of my favorite take homes from what Dr. Macias explains within her novel is,

                 “You’ll never get to where you want to be if you are not willing to take a risk and create your own path. Do not be afraid of uncharted waters that can lead you to your goal.” 

This quote among others has transformed my life. Simply put.

Rating: 4 High Stars

Want to know more? Well…you will just have to pick up her novel for yourself to find out just what these “5 Secrets” could do for your life.

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