Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale – Early Review

Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale – Early Review

Book Stats:

  • Release Date: July 9th, 2019 – Today!!
  • Genres: Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit
  • Pages: 297
  • Format: ARC
  • Series: Stand – Alone

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

“Lifestyle journalist Ella Skye remembers every celebrity she interviewed, every politician she charmed between the sheets, and every socialite who eyed her with envy. The chance meeting with her husband, Damien; their rapid free fall into love; and their low-key, intimate wedding are all locked in her memory. But what she can’t remember is the tragic car accident that ripped her unborn child from her. Ella can’t even recall being pregnant.

Hoping to find the memories of a lost pregnancy that’s left her husband devastated and their home empty, Ella begins delving into her past when she’s assigned an exclusive story about Nathan Donovan, a retired celebrity adventurer who seems to know more about her than she does him. To unravel the mystery of her selective memory loss, Ella follows Nathan from the snowcapped Sierra Nevada to the frozen slopes of southeast Alaska. There she discovers the people she trusts most aren’t the only ones keeping secrets from her—she’s hiding them from herself. Ella quickly learns that some truths are best left forgotten.”


“Ella falls hard and she falls fast. She just wants to love, and to be loved.”

 Last Summer

Screenshot_2019-07-09 (4) Kerry's Tiki Lounge

Last Summer was the first book that I have read by Kerry Lonsdale, and it was quite an experience! This book was as romantic as it was constantly twisting and turning. Lonsdale set readers up for an epic ride that will stay grounded within them far after they have turned the very last page. I immediately fell in love with this book’s scenery and could feel every element of its setting as if I were standing right there among the characters. It was so realistic, and the connection that I developed with this book was inevitable.

The exciting aspect of this novel is that once you think you have it figured out- you don’t! It keeps you guessing and questioning the meaning of everything. I remember moments just sitting there with my mouth open agape while reading, shocked at what I had just witnessed. I then had to put the book down and sit questioning everything I thought I knew about the world! Yes. It was THAT GOOD. I am so thrilled for anyone who gets their hands on a copy and gets to be the first-hand witness to what I have just experienced. I promise you- it will be one to remember! In the meantime, order it now! See purchase link below through Amazon!

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2 thoughts on “Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale – Early Review

    1. There was a mix of everything! Romance, suspense, & twisty turns! I feel like everything was about even in terms of content! You should try it out! 🙂

      Thank you for the beautiful comments and support! You are appreciated! ♡

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