Starting & Growing a BookTube Community

Starting & Growing a BookTube Community

What is BookTube?

(BOOK – TOOB) is a platform on YouTube that allows reading lovers to share their passion for the art of all things reading and books. This type of outlet pushes for creativity, fun, and connection. Getting started is no easy feat though because like everything else, you must work to build your community. It’s one of the tough aspects of social media, ensuring that our passion pushes us forward and onward.

I have wanted to start a BookTube channel for some time now and finally realized that it was something that I wanted to do to connect with other reading enthusiasts. Nerves? Yes. Frustrations? Of course. Love for reading and a passion for sharing it in a creative way? YES, PLEASE!! Creating an awesome community is what we all look for, crave, and push towards.

So, that brings me here, writing to you because I am calling and challenging all BookTubers to come together, connect, and create fun reading communities. Who doesn’t like discussing the books that bring us to life and keeps us flipping from chapter to chapter until we get to the very end, bringing us to our next journey? I know that’s you, so let’s create together! Overall, we can’t nor should want to do it alone! If you are a BookTuber, let me know in the comments section of any of the posts in my BookTube blog series! I look forward to connecting with you!!

View my channel trailer below & let’s connect!

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